AlcoForce RAPTOR


Raptor is a professional breathalyser, perfectly suited to the demanding work of the police and uniformed services. It can also be effectively used in large workplaces. The AlcoForce RAPTOR breathalyser is already enjoying a staggering career in the Italian, Australian and Indian police forces, to name only few.

The AlcoForce screening breathalyser combines an aggressive design with an incredible speed. Thanks to a fast, state-of-the-art electrochemical sensor, the measurement takes just 4 seconds! RAPTOR is also an extremely durable device, allowing continuous work for up to four hours. The colour LCD display gives an indication of the approximate breath alcohol concentration. When alcohol is detected, the red indicator lamp lights up and the LCD screen is illuminated.


measurement range:
0.00 ‰ – 5.00 ‰

measurement precision:
± 0.05 ‰ for 0.5 ‰ at 25°C

calibration required every:
12 months
or 4000 measurements


Calibration is a concept inherent in any breathalyser. It means that every 12 months or 4000 measurements, the breathalyser must be reconfigured so that it correctly interprets readings of the consumable sensor.
The need for calibration is indicated by messages and results that visibly do not match reality – e.g. 0.5 ‰ when no alcohol has been consumed.

Interior like no other



Air flow sensor
detects an air sample
during measurement.

Sensor pump main element
drawing air into the sensor for analysis.

Buzzer built-in speaker
informing about the measurement process
with an acoustic signal.

Processor main breathalyzer control unit created by the
Alcoforce manufacturer.


The extensive MENU allows you to check the breathalyzer settings as well as the saved results and the time remaining until the next maintenance. The manufacturer allows each user to set the Raptor breathalyzer according to their individual preferences and secure the setting with a five-digit password. The device supports four languages: Polish, Czech, German and English.


The measurement is directly used to accurately determine the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. During this measurement, only the air exhaled from the deep parts of the lungs reaches the sensor. After the measurement, relevant information is shown by LEDs and digital values displayed on the LCD.

Passive measurement is used to determine the breath alcohol concentration without the need to blow directly into the device. The breathalyser takes a volatile sample with the push of an activation button. This method is used when the person tested is unwilling or unable to perform the measurement or to check the contents of containers if it is suspected that they might contain alcohol.

It is not just a breathalyzer!

The built-in light function will not only illuminate all dark corners, but can also double as a warning light used e.g. by the uniformed officers directing traffic.


  • 1. Breathalyzer
  • 2. case
  • 3. Packaging
  • 4. AAA alkaline batteries – 4 pcs.
  • 5. Manual

Technical Specification

sensor type: : electrochemical
measurement range
and accuracy
of the presented result:
: 0.00 ‰ – 5.00 ‰
with an accuracy of 0.01 ‰
measurement accuracy: : +/- 0.1 ‰ for 1.0 ‰
calibration : yes – every 12 months or 4000 measurements
replaceable sensor: : yes – by the maintenance technician
requires a mouthpiece : yes
type and number of batteries: : 4 x AA 1.5V alkaline
weight and dimensions
(width / height / depth):
: 68.5 x 284 x 74 mm
399g with batteries


You need a device manual,
or you lost your warranty card?

Just click on the cloud and download.




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