mouthpieces for the alcoforce breathalyzer



Mouthpiece dedicated to Galaxy devices
Mouthpiece dedicated to dedicated to the device Master
Mouthpiece dedicated to Prime devices
Mouthpiece dedicated to Professional devices
Mouthpiece dedicated to Prime devices
Mouthpiece dedicated to OPTIMA devices
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The AlcoForce mouthpiece is a universal mouthpiece compatible with many models of this brand. The construction of the mouthpiece has been designed to bring the appropriate amount of the tested sample to the measuring processor in order to verify the alcohol level in the exhaled air. The hermetic packaging guarantees sterility and safe use of the mouthpiece for the first test.

The AlcoForce mouthpiece can be used multiple times, provided that it is used by the same person with the utmost care in hygiene. AlcoForce mouthpieces are available in the following models: GALAXY, MASTER, PROFESSIONAL, PRIME, OPTIMA.

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